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The Poor Curriculum and Antiquated Buildings We Send Our Children to Today Mimic The Conditions Black Children Suffered Under in the Jim Crow South.

During Jim Crow, many of the schools attended by African Americans students had leaking roofs, sagging floors and windows without glass. They ranged from untidy to positively filthy, according to a study published in 1917.

If black children had any books at all, they were hand-me-downs from white schools.

How did our ancestors With So Much Less DO So Much More?

Black schools were overcrowded, with too many students per teacher. Black schools were more likely to have several grades taught together in one room, there were too few desks and black teachers did not receive as much training as white teachers.

There were limits on what black students could be taught in school as white school leaders did not want black children to be exposed to ideas like equality and freedom.

Carter G. Woodson told how some black children in Southern schools were not allowed to use books that included the Declaration of Independence or the U. S. Constitution. It was thought that because these documents stated that government should get its power from the consent of the governed, that reading them would confirm for African Americans that they were being denied the rights due to all citizens of the United States.

In spite of all the educational challenges that existed, the intestinal fortitude of our elders demanded that they would excel even in the face of blatant racism.

In reality little has changed for many black students even in the 21st century. The disparity between white and black schools, especially in terms of resources, is shocking. Although black students are no longer under a separate by equal status, the reality is that the underfunding of inner city schools, the lack of books, computers, qualified and caring teachers and necessary security, yields an educational system that is broken.

Education Advocate Speaks Out On Philadelphia School Budget Crisis. KYW Newsradio. The Philadelphia School District’s budget crisis has many families worried as summer draws to a close with the beginning of the school year up in the air. But a parent and education advocate says this is more than just about the.…

Anger frustration over Philadelphia schools funding crisis. PHILADELPHIA August 8 2013 WPVI Parents and students we spoke to say they are at a loss to understand why the Philadelphia public school funding crisis hasn’t been resolved yet. There is anger even outrage that the school district unions and.…

When I hear statements from Philadelphia parents like…

We are angered, even outraged, that the school district, unions and government have allowed the financial crisis to reach this point…

This is really hard to believe for a developed nation…

I’m surprised it’s gone this long…

I am not surprised….

This is the Operation Budget of a Philadelphia Middle School for 2012-2014, as presented by the school Principal during parent teachers meeting.

2012-2013 BUDGET




EC MONEY $2,950


ALLOTMENT $142,376



2013-2014 BUDGET









As you can see from these numbers, this school was terribly under-funded in the 2012-2013 school year. Compare those numbers to the upcoming 2013-2014 school year. Over half the budget is cut!

This education system has never been our friend… It never has and it never will.

This system indoctrinates children from ages 5 to 16, punishes free-thinking, promotes and advocates followers and consumers, champions its defenders and silences dissenters.

Those who criticize the system are ridiculed and shunned, and those who present “new” evidence are ignored for the sole purpose of maintaining and propagating a STATUS QUO that it tantamount to a modern day Jim Crow.

We are trying to maneuver our way through an entangled web of systematic disenfranchisement and trying to make sense of a system that continues to turn on us. WE HAVE TO KNOW HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED!! It is a system of aggression, self-preservation and the seizing of opportunities at the expense of our children.

The greater portion of this fight for autonomy and self-definition exists within the mind. The so-called freedom that African-Americans today experience is a freedom that was carefully construed. It’s intent was not to enhance the African Americans sense of “nationalism”, but to control his destiny.”


We must examine our role today. We need to assume the responsibility for education our children ourselves.

History shows the way in which we need to go. We must learn from what worked in the past, but we must also learn from what did not work. We owe it to future generations to strengthen them in a way that best prepares them to move forward with a spirit of excellence and pride for the survival of the race.

“A race of people is like an individual man; until it uses its own talent, takes pride in its own history, expresses its own culture, affirms its own self-hood, it can never fulfill itself.” Malcolm X

Question To Think About…

What is your contingency plan? (Even when the schools open, they will be understaffed and sub-par) What steps will you take to secure that your child/children will be properly educated? Is their a role of the black church? If so, what should it be? How can this setback be used to promote the use of African center curricula. How can we pool our economic resources to provide ancillary educational resources for our children?

Leave your comments below…

“I for one believe that if you give people a thorough understanding of what confronts them and the basic causes that produce it, they’ll create their own program, and when the people create a program, you get action.”Malcolm x