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Black History Posters and Black History

Black History Posters are a powerful cost effective way to share Black History. With over 500 Black History Posters, Affordable And Historical Art is the pee-eminent website for you choice of posters that tell the story Black History in America.

It is a reality that most African Americans do not know their own history. This can be attributed to the fact that the history of African Americans is not taught in most schools in the United States. The history of blacks in America is not viewed as an integral part of American History.

It is no wonder that our children, in many cases lack a healthy self identity. The images they are exposed to are often caricatures or stereo-typical; and do not reflect the rich and enduring history of accomplishment and contribution by African Americans in America.

Just think about that last time you walked down the main corridor in your child’s school. What kind of images were on the walls? Educators have come to recognize the importance of ‘culture’ in the learning process.

We emphasize the education of our youth because they represent the future. However in reality, the general population is for the most part ignorant of black history.

Black History Posters are an effective way to introduce people to famous and little know black people who contributed significantly to society. The visual impact of seeing someone who looks like you, who has overcome adversity and gone on to achieve greatness is powerful.

As an example I will useĀ  Jack Johnson, who was the heavyweight boxing champion. Did you know that he held the patent for what is commonly referred to as the “Monkey Wrench”? Probably not. It received its moniker because whites would say, “don’t buy that ‘monkey’s wrench’. The term ‘monkey’ being a disparagement of black people.

This is just one example of the kind of historical information to be gleaned from our posters.

The Black History posters are categorized thematically as follows:

African American Educators African American Entertainers African American Veterans African Americans in Sports Black Power Movement African American Writers, Poets & Artists African Americans In The West Civil Rights Movement Islam In America African American Leaders & Politicians African American Inventors Slavery In America

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