African Egypt: 5300 BC – 30 BC


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Ivan Van Sertima is professor of African studies, Rutgers University, and editor of the Journal of African Civilizations. He is the author of They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America, winner of the Clarence L. Holte International Prize.

Ivan Van Sertima is one of the greatest minds that we have to revive the history of the African people that was burried by tomb robbers, and white rascist 17th and 18th century scholors. I have read this book and also have his lecture on tape and let me tell you this man is well read, and qualified for this topic. What the Africans have done nobody else can do. In the book, Dr. Van Sertima talks about the Japanese who tried to rebuild the pyramids, but failed. What is interesting is they even failed desperately trying to use modern technology. This tells you more about how advanced the ancient Egyptians were then it does about how foolish the Japanese look trying to complete this mission. This book also shows you that the ancient Egyptians were Black. The 1-5,11,12,18 and of course the 25 were Black African dynasties. You can see this from coal black statues and the Africoidal features also shown on these images. Basil Davidson a white historian who is mentioned at the end of the book will also tell you this. Also it is important to look at the sphinx. Constantine De Volney went to the sphinx and saw the African features on it and was blown away, because he new, and said the people being enslaved are the same people that birthed civilization. Dr. Diop and Van Sertima will tell you there were six stages of man and the African was the first and the last(Homo Sapian Sapian found in Kenya). My Question is when will people finally learn that the Greeks(Europeans) came to Africa and their greates thinkers (Plato, Theles, Pythagaros, Hippocrates)all learned from Kemet(Real name of Egypt wich meant Land Of the Blacks)the things they taught, and also the things like Mathematics, Medicine and the concepts for their gods were practiced by the Africans before, (as Dr. John Henrick Clark would say), “the Eurpeans wore a shoe or had a house with a window.” The African history can be placed in it’s rightfull place, with true, and honest scholorship. To see what I mean check out European historians like Richard Poe in Black Spark White Fire, and the essay in this book by Basil Davidson.



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