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Darlene Dancy, Owner
Affordable & Historical Art

Our mission at Affordable Art and History Art Products is to broaden perspective in the area of African American Cultural, Ancestral Linage, and Heritage. Not necessarily to change historical records and documents but, to present history written, researched and preserved by African American Scholars.

We have carefully selected Lectures, Documentaries, Auto Biographies on DVD’s that tell the story of the commitment & dedication of a peoples hard fought battle to achieve equality in the United States of America.

We have selected rare photographs of memorable personalities in the areas of Art, Science, Sports, Education, and Politics. These photos have been inscribed with the actual words spoken by this prestigious group of African Americans.

Our collection also includes an incredible library of books by Afro-American achievers who will encourage you through their accomplishments.

Our specialty is finding, “Out of Print” and “Hard to Find” and “Rare” books & documents. For the collector of hard to find treasures LOOK NO FURTHER! Affordable and Historical Art has one of the largest selections of rare and hard to find artifacts.

Our history products are geared toward the novice in search of higher learning and the teacher who is looking to stimulate their students with historically accurate and specific information.

Visit us at local trade shows and educational conferences.


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