Review of Documentary 500 Years Later

– DVD 1:46

500 Years Later

This is a composite picture of key ideas and universal challenges faced by African People at the beginning of the 21st Century. This is a multimedia presentation of major concepts, leaders, examples, legacy quotations, images, video clips, music, and speakers from all parts of the Continent and Diaspora who articulate evolving self-decolonization of a kidnapped/colonized people. It is presented from the perspective of a needed reconstruction and recovery from a global and historical calamity: massive invasion, kidnapping, and enslavement.

While content delivery and style are strengths, while it provides a framework to analyze and guide today’s individual /group thought and effort, it is also a very good introductory primer for initial learners. It gives a good beginning orientation to the major experiences and situations of an entire People, from all over the globe. Our different languages, geographic locations, dress, music, culture, lifestyles, and personalities are here in full variety. So too, are the different memories and motivations of a People with a unique, but common, history. These are internal conversations and aspirations that can set goals and unite All Nations: this is 21st Century PanAfricanism in digital mode.

Through this DVD we meet the people, see the history, see the concepts active in our lives, and travel across borders and cultures. We find more in common than we have differences: in our past, in our present, and in our future. This is an Afrocentric presentation which identifies points of agreement and downplays differences of location, language, religion, or citizenship.

European Slavery – different in purpose, scope, and lasting manifestations African Resistance to the Onslaught – on the Continent and in the Diaspora Slave Legacy – Continuing Psychological, Cultural, and Educational Colonization The African Man –Subordinated as father, Distorted as “gangster-rappers”

Reparations – Compensation for generations of capital gain; is it calculable, is it even possible?

Our Identity, Purpose, and Direction guide our choices:

“We are the only ones who can restore humanity back along the path that was set for us from Creation.”

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