ASCAC 30th Annual Ancient Kemetic Studies Conference



I was privileged to exhibit at this years conference.

ASCAC is the “Association For The Study of Classical African Civilizations”. The conference was held at the historic Howard University Blackburn Center in Washington, DC.

This years theme was “The Role of African Civilization in the African Renaissance”.

For the past 29 years ASCAC has provided the Pan African Global Family with a vehicle for obtaining knowledge of African Civilization and it’s importance to our contemporary lives. The focus of this years conference was “Intellectual Warfare”.

The goal of the conference was to restore and promote African values in an effort yo sustain humanity and the premise of liberation.

I was very humbled, having the chance to dialogue with some of the most renown scholars on the planet.

Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan

Me and Dr. Ben

Some of the prestigious attendees at the conference were Dr. Ben Jochanna, author of 49 books, primarily on Ancient Nile Valley civilizations and their impact on Western culture. Dr. Ben was educated in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Cuba and Spain. He earned degrees in Engineering & Anthropology. Although Dr. Ben has recently been experience the effects of early onset dementia, I will always respect him and cherish accomplishments.

Also attending was Professor James Small. Dr. Small has been and ASCAC member for 15 years and served as President of the East Region for 2 years. Prof. Small has taught at the City University of New York and for 17 years at in the Black Studies Department. Prof. Small has lectured at some of the most prestigious universities and colleges in the world. Recently he gave commentary in the phenomenal documentary, Hidden Colors.

He conducts educational tours throughout Africa and the United States.

“Got Melanin” Dr. Richard D. King, author of “African Origin of Biological Psychiatry”, “Melanin: Key to Freedom”, “The Black Dot” and many more books. For many years Dr. King has been a facilitator at The Aquarian Spiritual Society. Dr. King, MD practices Psychiatry in Los Angeles, CA. and holds degrees in Medicine, Psychiatry Education, Post Graduate Research Training, Ancient African Science of Mind, and the list goes on. Dr. King graduated with an MD 40 years ago.

There were just too many great folks there to include them all, but hopefully this little glimpse into the experience will whet your appetite. When time permits, I’ll post more…

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who supported me; to all who took the time to visit my booth, purchase products and especially “Like Me” on Facebook – HUGE thanks!

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